Jinshan Long Hang Primary School



Following the acclaimed design of the Shanghai Jinshan No. 2 Experimental Primary School (South Campus), another educational institution in the area, the Shanghai Normal University Affiliated Jinshan Longhang Primary School, has engaged the expertise of the LINEWORKS team for the interior design of their new campus.


Given the ample and dynamic indoor environment of the new campus, educators expressed a desire for a more exploratory and diverse teaching environment. They aimed to break away from the conventional paradigm where classrooms are the sole learning spaces, envisioning a more flexible and varied learning environment. This would allow learning activities to seamlessly occur anywhere and anytime across the campus. Therefore, the design team’s primary focus in this project was to cultivate an open and liberated campus atmosphere, creating opportunities for observation, exploration, and interaction among students and teachers.


During on-site inspections, the design team discovered that the existing layout of the main teaching building compartmentalized key functional spaces into its four corners, interconnected by winding indoor corridors. These corridors, converging at identical public spaces, posed a navigational challenge for young students. 


To address this, the team envisioned transforming these monotonous and expansive public areas into diverse “third classrooms” – spaces that serve as both physical and inspirational hubs.  In these shared third classrooms, students gain additional spaces for activities and interaction during breaks, while teachers can adopt alternative roles and experiment with diverse teaching methodologies.


In designing the reading center, LINEWORKS moved away from traditional, regimented spatial arrangements, thoughtfully integrating Jinshan’s unique coastal scenery – blue skies, ocean, and beaches – into the entire space. 


Golden arches, reminiscent of small sand dunes, divide the open reading area into separate zones catering to different reading scenarios. The ceiling is coated in light blue latex paint, adding a touch of warm whimsy to the space. The entrance features a tree-shaped bookshelf, complementing the lush window-side planters, creating an immersive experience akin to reading in a coastal forest. Students are free to choose their preferred reading style, whether at long tables, on sofa stools, or steps. This variety of seating options accommodates different needs, enhancing the versatility and appeal of the reading environment.


At the staff activity center, our team employed folding doors to seamlessly merge the indoor space with the public corridor, creating a flexible spatial extension that caters to various staff activities. The tea room, adorned in emerald green, imparts a relaxed atmosphere to this compact area. Comfortable upholstered chairs and sofas offer a tranquil haven for staff to unwind and rejuvenate after their busy teaching schedules.


Through the collaborative efforts of LINEWORKS and various teams, the newly transformed campus environment extends children’s learning experiences beyond classrooms and lectures to every corner of the school grounds. The open and diverse indoor spaces imbue the school with boundless potential and vitality, creating a joyful wonderland that inspires creativity, sparks innovation, fosters collaboration, and encourages the sharing of ideas.


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COMPLETED:2023 August

CLIENT:Jinshan Long Hang Primary School


SIZE:2800 sqm

TEAM:Mike Chen, Ciya Qin, Lucky Lu