Daning Road Elementary School


受大宁路小学委托,LINEWORKS 团队近期为校园内一栋老旧的综合楼进行了翻新改造。

Commissioned by Daning Road Primary School, LINEWORKS recently undertook the renovation of an aging comprehensive building on the campus.


The original structure was a four-story standalone building, with the terraces on the second to fourth floors encased by dense aluminum alloy windows. The drab exterior color scheme rendered the entire building bulky and monotonous. Given the project budget and time limit, the design team decided to introduce variation into the rigid window arrangement on the façade with minor modifications, complemented by a harmonious color combination to enhance the building’s overall visual openness and vibrancy.


Despite constraints within the original structure, our design team creatively utilized the differences in heights between interior beams for the renovation of the reading room. They covered sloped surfaces with light-diffusing film to make the space open and bright. The new bookshelf designs also resolved the overly simplistic and monotonous nature of the previous bookshelves.


Outdoor elements are incorporated in the renovation of gymnastics room. The running tracks on the floor and the court-shaped light fixtures on the ceiling complemented each other. Paired with bright yellow wall panels, the entire indoor space is infused with athletic vigor. Our design aims to translate the experience and joy of outdoor activities into indoor space, bringing happiness to the students.


The top floor of the comprehensive building is designated as a multifunctional conference room. However, the existing enclosed corridors made the space narrow and cramped. To address this issue, our design team removed part of the corridor partitions, transforming the spatial experience by creating a spacious, open, and bright conference area. The warm wooden tones, paired with a simple lighting scheme, has made the entire space modern and comfortable.


LINEWORKS’ creative design has breathed new life into an old educational building.


COMPLETED: 2024 February

CLIENT: Daning Elementary School

LOCATION: Shanghai

SIZE: 1400 sqm

TEAM: Mike Chen,Rita Wei,Ciya Qin,Lucky Lu