佛海佛瑞 · 三期


Following the acclaim of its North Bund space, in 2023, F&F once again entrusted the LINEWORKS team to craft their new office at U-CUBE Creative Park, Huashan Road.

F&F 希望新的办公场所能一如既往地保持其传统的简洁和硬朗风格,并将这一空间打造成一个兼顾开放与秩序的工作场所,从而体现出F&F作为创意广告业的翘楚面对当下汹涌而来的生成式AI产业的态度和观点。与此同时,基于低碳环保的设计原则,设计团队也建议尽可能的将现有的橡木订制家具进行略微调整改造后一并带入至新址内继续使用。

F&F hopes the new workplace can perpetuate their tradition of simplicity and robustness. Balancing openness with order, the space presents F&F’s as a leading force in creative advertising amidst the surging generative AI industry. Emphasizing eco-friendly design principles, our team also proposed repurposing the existing custom oak furniture with minimal adjustments for use in the new location.


The design centralizes on achieving spatial openness and order.


The new office, a square-shaped space with ample lighting from all sides and a central glass elevator hall, presents the challenge of a physically segmented work area. To counteract the division caused by the elevator shaft, transparent glass walls replace solid partitions, visually dissolving the boundary between the elevator hall and office, rendering the floor open and luminous. The orderly array of modified long office desks forms structured matrices, thereby subduing the boundlessness and establishing a visual order that resonates with the ceiling’s diffused lighting to evoke calmness and serenity.


Echoing F&F’s iconic black and white logo, the design extends this feature throughout the office space. Glass partitions with bold black aluminum frames make a powerful statement, while oak flooring and furnishings contrast with the building’s industrial vibe, offering comfort and elegance.


The LED light system across the main entrance ceiling flows through the foyer, guiding visitors inward with dynamic color pulses. Here, the LED structure becomes a compelling matrix and an undeniable focal point of the space.


LINEWORKS’ minimalist yet bold spatial design leaves a profound impression on passersby and provides a discreet, neutral canvas for the creatives working within.


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COMPLETED:2023 August

CLIENT:Fred& Farid Group


SIZE:450 sqm

TEAM:Mike Chen, Ciya Qin, Lucky Lu