汇师小学 · 中城校区


Founded in 1870, Huishi Primary School of Xuhui District, Shanghai is one of the most historicalschools in Shanghai. At the end of 2021, the institution commissioned LINEWORKS to renovate several STEM classrooms at its midtown campus.


The school aims tocustomize its learning space for a STEM curriculum experience, and to better suit the preferences of the young students, so as to stimulate their imagination and formulate creative learning methods. Therefore, spatial function, color palette and visual geometry are the key elements that our design team have taken into consideration during the design process.


Numerous designs within the project were inspired by the school students’ drawings of a futuristic tech campus. From rainbow-colored ceilings, data pipelines across the floors, to well-arranged space observation capsules, children’s colorful imagination and infinite curiosity are materialized through design in reality.


Our design team have selected and refined certain elements from the children’s drawings, and employed different color schemes that resonate with each specific course of the school’s STEM curriculum. Aside from that, the designers have retained and optimized the large windows of the original space. Thus the renovated STEM teaching space has become more student-friendly, interactive, and layered in visual presentation.


LINEWORKS is committed to breaking the boundaries of traditional schools, making the existing teaching space more adaptable to future teaching concepts and trends, facilitating the inclusion of new curriculums, and encouraging children to enjoy the learning process and grow in an innovative environment.


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COMPLETED:2022 February

CLIENT: Hui Shi Primary School

LOCATION: Shanghai

SIZE: 450 sqm

TEAM: Mike Chen,Ciya Qin