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If you are looking for a relaxing place where art, history and nature coexist in Shanghai, it has to be West Bund, once the birthplace for national industry in the 20th century and now home to major art institutions and various vibrant outdoor programs. In late 2021, LINEWORKS was commissioned by Yum China to transform an existing single-story building by the Maritime Tower Plaza into a cozy, sun-drenched restaurant. The project intends to integrate the restaurant’s brand identity with the surrounding environment.


To create a space that is site-specific, authentic and bold, the design team have strived to thoroughly contextualize KFC within West Bund since the beginning of the project. After in-depth investigation upon West Bund’s regional planning, the design team took KFC’s spatial requirements into account, and eventually proposed to materialize a sunny riverfront restaurant around the existing sunken stairway plaza. The design shall connect the space within and without, thus producing a more open, artistic and diverse public space for visitors.


While the project pays homage to KFC’s first store opened in 1952 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the spatial ambience is inspired by California’s coastline water-sports culture. Echoing the future plans for West Bund Waterfront Sports Center, our team decided to combine the aforementioned elements into a small-scale dining space that continues to resonate within the larger context.


In this project, our team’s approach to interior design was to first “complete the building” — extending the outdoor architectural elements into the interior space, ensuring that the entire structure will be visually complete and unified, rather than unrelated and isolated. As a tribute to brand heritage, we integrated the red-and-white striped spire of KFC’s first restaurant into the existing staircase, transforming it into a comfortable yet elegant coffee hut. Then, the team employed openable floor-to-ceiling windows, doors, as well as large-scale skylights to let fresh air and natural light flow freely through the space, making guests feel like they are outdoors when they are inside. Last but not least, surfboards and life preservers in KFC’s signature red color became a part of the furnishings. The white wood facades, together with the carbonized wooden tables and chairs, create a casual yet elegant atmosphere in this waterfront KFC restaurant.


COMPLETED: 2022 March


LOCATION: Shanghai

SIZE: 150 sqm

TEAM: Mike Chen,Ciya Qin,Quanquan Zhu


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