Cao Hang Elementary School



With a legacy spanning a century, Caohang Elementary School places a unique emphasis on art education. The institution aspires to manifest this educational hallmark in the most dynamic manner possible in the main building’s entrance hall, engaging teachers, students, and visitors alike.

改造前 \ Before

改造前 \ Before

改造前 \ Before

改造前 \ Before


The creative spark for this project was kindled by an analysis of the colors predominantly featured in the students’ artwork. Recognizing the emotional resonance of these hues, the design team settled on a primary palette of red, yellow, and blue. Each color serves a purpose: red embodies the students’ vivacity, yellow signifies the campus’s sense of joy and optimism, while blue captures the calm rationality of the educational process.


After 60 days of hard work, utilizing a segmented renovation approach, we not only delivered cutting-edge spaces that invigorate educational exploration within a condensed timeframe, but also created environments that nurture the growth of students.

改造前 \ Before


COMPLETED: 2023 August

CLIENT: Caohang Elementary School

LOCATION: Shanghai

SIZE: 260 sqm

TEAM: Mike Chen,Ciya Qin,Lucky Lu