Ming Fu Academy of Advanced Education



Sponsored by the Fudan Secondary School Educational Development Foundation, the academy is oriented towards high-school students with aspirations for international art education. In the summer of 2023, the LINEWORKS team, in seamless collaboration with educational departments, stakeholders, and on-site builders, transform a dormant area within the campus into a specialized training hub.

改造前 \ Before

改造前 \ Before

改造前 \ Before


The design language was inspired by the works of modern art luminary Piet Mondrian and architectural virtuoso I.M. Pei. Our team aspired to weave these distilled artistic elements into the fabric of the space, thereby elevating the students’ engagement with art and unlocking their creative potential.


COMPLETED: 2023 August

CLIENT: Ming Fu Academy of AdvancedEducation

LOCATION: Shanghai

SIZE: 150 sqm

TEAM: Mike Chen,Ciya Qin,Lucky Lu