Jin Cai High School



After delivered Student-led Learning Centre design work for Jincai International Stream in 2015, LINKEWORKS was invited back to Jincai again in 2016, to design a contemporary library and learning centre for Jincai Main Stream students.


Jincai main stream is a full boarding high school. Campus hours are long. Students love library. Many take it as a living room besides a place to study. LINEWORKS’ design took over 2 floors in the school’s main building to have created the campus learning centre. Jincai hoped to see students drawn to the new library and study centre. Students, teachers and researchers could come and stay, work the way that suits them all.


Our design created a variety of learning spaces, some are closed for individuals, and some are open for collaboration and taking breaks. All are done with integrated technologies. We have put library bookshelves beyond the natural lighting area, so that to maximize the natural lighting for people, provide space with views. We have applied colorful carpet and plain maple wood panel for flooring. All spaces in the Learning Centre are connected, with a user-friendly map & post sign system to direct visitors in this 6-day by 14-hour facility.  


Currently dorm space is limited for boarding students. The new library and learning centre have substantially extended their living space. Students can come in to study on their own, or gather for teamworks. This design has exactly captured and fulfilled Jincai’s objectives for the library and the learning centre.


COMPLETED:2016 October

CLIENT:Jincai High School


SIZE:1650 sqm

TEAM:Mike Chen,Lucky Lu