Caudalie was founded in 1995, France, the world centre of vogue. With its expansion in Asia, Caudalie is going to introduce an innovative concept into cosmetics and skin care industry for Asian women, carrying a refreshing perspective on beauties, leading a new trend in Asian beauty community. Having its business spread across 25 countries, Caudalie is now a multinational company with 450 employees. Its commercial success is a marvel on its own. Grape seeds is the fountain of Caudalie’s beauty concept. Caudalie products have effective, natural and eco-friendly three core attributes. Commanded by its business value, LINEWORKS provided the office space design for Caudalie Shanghai office at the heart of Jinan District.  


Different from the conventional office design, we went for a minimalism style, putting clear and crispy lines and frames into the space, to reflect this brand name’s natural and efficient characteristics. The overall office space partition is done using double glazed glasses. The bright and airy space is accentuated by the oak wood worktables, and tailor-made terrazzo flooring. Such assembly mirrors the Caudalie taste and timelessness. Translucent white blinds are used in multiple places. It gives a soft touch to the office space. The distinctively fashioned chandelier by the reception area brings out the industry element in the first instance. All decor and features are designed to reflect the Caudalie inherent qualities of wholesome, elegance and vivacity. 


LINEWORKS design showcased our effort and ability to interpret Caudalie brand value, as well as implementing it. 



CLIENT:Caudalie Pairs



TEAM:Mike Chen,James Shu