Min Li High School



Locally founded in 1903, Shanghai Minli High School is a state-run complete secondary school, and one of the first few exemplary experimental schools in Jinan District. Over the last hundred years, the school has abided by the principle “For the people”. In this new age, Minli has incorporated contemporary element, adopting Liberal Education, and establishing programs and curriculums to support individual growth and to widen learning horizon. In addition to broad and in-depth academic study, fostering refined social and cultural behavior in students has pioneered the secondary school education arena. 


The BoYa Classroom that we helped to delivery is one of the most important carriers of Liberal Education system and programs. According to its distinctive delivering mode, we created different space experience for different curriculum based on the class size, where we brought in round-table interactive learning setups. Wood grille ceiling layered original dull ceiling space, meanwhile the snatchy parquet flooring compensated the long and Z-shaped classroom, bringing out a young and vigorous liveliness.


COMPLETED:2015 November

CLIENT:Shanghai Minli High School


SIZE:1000 sqm

TEAM:Mike Chen,Lucky Lu