LINEWORKS on Education Snapshots 2023

EDUCATION SNAPSHOTS 是一家全球领先的以教育设计分享为专题的网络媒体。近期,LINEWORKS为上海金山第二实验小学设计的校园设计项目被刊登于其网络期刊之上。文章描述到:LINEWORKS细致周到的运用室内建筑元素为中国上海的青少年学生设计了金山第二实验小学。

EDUCATION SNAPSHOTS is a leading online website for the global education design communit. The website, recently, published an article detailing the inspiration, process and finial design of our project Jinshan No.2 Experimental Primary School. The article describes “LINEWORKS designed the Jinshan No.2 Experimental Primary School with thoughtful architectural elements for young learners in Shanghai, China.”

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