Zhong Guo High School



Shanghai Zhongguo School was founded in 1933. It is one of the oldest schools in Xuhui district. It is also the first public school that approached LINEWORKS, a design company, to create an innovative learning centre. The school intended to build a unique education centre that functions completely different from traditional classrooms. It shall have lecture room, dialogue room, and robot design studio, with roomy public space, to satisfy students’ different learning needs, provide a vibrant and visually attractive learning-teaching environment.


In respect to this objective, we took down the original classroom setups on the floor, re-carved the layout, removed the non-structural brick walls, and replaced with floor-to-ceiling glass partitions. We dismantled the original mineral fiber ceiling and the fluorescent lighting base, put in LED lightings and aluminum grille ceiling that matches the patterns on the floor.


The steadfast gray and warm beige painting complimented each other throughout the wall. This coloring, along with the marriage of the design concept and functionality, have organically grown into one assemblage that constructs a compact and engaging learning atmosphere. The flexibility of reassembling and detachable desks and chairs also fulfilled the school’s requirement of no permanent fixation. This benefits space partition on-demand thereby facilitates versatile learning approaches.


COMPLETED:2013 September

CLIENT:Shanghai China School


SIZE:500 sqm

TEAM:Mike Chen,Lucky Lu