必胜客 · 雨润中央商场店南京

在南京繁忙热闹的商场中创造一片宁和平静之地。作为YUM家族中的一员,PIZZA HUT雨润中央商场店的灵感源自于与南京的特有自然元素雨花石的融合,不仅聚焦于灵活的功能与布局,同时在淡化顾客传统的快餐化概念,并营造成一个低调奢华且宁静舒适的餐饮空间上寻求突破。通过LINEWORKS独特的设计风格令人眼前一亮。

To create a place of tranquility inside one of Nanjing’s most bustling shopping malls. As a member of the YUM family, the PIZZA HUT restaurant in Yurun Central Mall integrates the inspiration through the integration of Nanjing’s unique natural element, Rain-flower Stone. The design not only focuses on the flexible functions and layout, but also seeks a break through to dilute the traditional concept of fast food from customers and to creates a low-key luxury, quiet and comfortable dining space. The unique design style of LINEWORKS is a pleasant surprise.


The blue-brick-finished bar counter, the circular wooden chandelier and decorative mirrors all extracted from the elements of the Rain-flower stone, the retro-styled leather sofa, and the bronze metal decoration throughout the whole space became the most eye-catching wall decoration in the restaurant. The expansive entrance on the ground floor and the floor-to-ceiling glass façade draws visitors into this space. The shape of the feature wall decoration on the second floor resembling from the local river shape of the Nanjing section of the Yangtze River enhances the vivid atmosphere of the entire space.


The PIZZA HUT inside Yurun Central Mall incorporates several distinct spots, accommodating a total of 180 guests. By using different furniture styles, lighting types, and most striking of all, alternate terrazzo with black and white tiling flooring, each area owns its unique ambiance and feeling. The comfy sofas and easy lighting in the round table area provide you with a home-from-home for respite and relaxation. The spliced square tables are ideal for groups customers, allowing them to enjoy the food while working at the same time. Throughout, the pendant lighting in burnished bronze and wooden lends an intimacy to this space.

聚焦于年轻,潮流与精致生活的国内年轻客流群体,PIZZA HUT雨润中央商场店的这次全新换装升级不仅保留了品牌对于设计风格的不断追求,优质丰富的餐品质量,更将成为都市生活中必不可少的灵感之源。

Targeted at a young, trendy and sophisticated local customers, the new PIZZA HUT venue maintains the brand’s reputation of stylish design, a variety of dishes with high qualities, and above all, a place of inspiration.


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COMPLETED: 2018 October



SIZE: 800 sqm

TEAM: Mike Chen,Lucky Lu