Ming Qiang Primary School



Ming Qiang Primary School, in Minhang District Qibao Town, is a Grade A (highest qualification in Shanghai education system) public school. LINEWORK was entrusted by the school to design its reading room in the newly completed main school building. The school board requested to reflect “grow with fitness, teach with innovation”, the school guiding principle in LINEWORK’s design scheme.


The reading room is assigned in the ground floor of the new school building. Its ample ceiling height has allowed a rich space diversification. We have maximized the use of original wall surface and interlayer space to meet the capacity requirement on the book collection, including the side space of tatami platforms. The green metal frames form the spire shape roof top that gives the reading room a fun touch of a toy house. And the layered space from Tatami platforms creates a sense of gathering while reading being a personal activity.


The use of dragon scale pattern is a crafty reference to traditional cultural totem of education prepares younglings to become dragons, rooted school’s well wishes to all students a bright future. The design highlights the vibrant color embellished within wood grain texture. The geometrical layout of ceiling light tubes enhances the three-dimensional space extension, designed to stimulate space awareness and imagination.


The choice of the deco material is intended to preserve originality with quality and fineness at its details, for example, the soft rubber floor mat, floorboard with timber-look finishing, and premium sound-absorbing panels. Everything is aspired to provide a safe, spotless, and pleasant learning environment. LINEWORK is proud of what has been achieved.


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COMPLETED:2018 April

CLIENT: Ming Qiang Primary School

LOCATION: Shanghai

SIZE: 450 sqm

TEAM: Mike Chen,Lucky Lu