LINEWORKS on Office Snapshots 2024

OFFICE SNAPSHOTS 是一家全球领先的以分享办公设计为主题的网络媒体。非常荣幸!近期,OFFICE SNAPSHOTS刊登写了一篇关于我们在设计Fred&Farid集团上海办公室时所做的创新工作的文章。文章中描述了我们如何专注于通过时尚和简约的设计元素实现空间的开放性和秩序。

A leading online resource for the global office design community, Recently, Office Snapshot had the pleasure of writing us an article about the innovative work we did in designing Fred&Farid’s Shanghai office. Inside, The publication describes how we focus on achieving openness and order in spaces through sleek and minimalist design elements.