LINEWORKS on German Design Award 2021

我们很荣幸的宣布LINEWORKS团队的设计项目七宝明强小学阅览室 佛海佛瑞广告有限公司(上海)办公室 双双斩获2021年德国设计奖-卓越建筑设计室内空间类特别提名奖 。

We are honored to announce that our design concepts for Shanghai Qibao Ming Qiang Primary School and FRED & FARID Group (SH) Office have each won the Special Mention prize in Excellent Architecture of the German Design Award 2021.


The German Design Awards are an international pacesetter when it comes to current design practice, as well as staying competitive in a globalized economy. The award bestows accolades solely on those projects that are pioneering in the German and international design sphere. This high standard is assured by an international jury consisting of prominent individuals from the whole gamut of design sectors.