肯德基 · 音乐餐厅(郑州

旨在打造属于年轻人的音乐社交场景,以音乐为纽带,为年轻人提供聚会交流的理想场所,一同碰撞出“美食+音乐”的更多玩法, LINEWORKS团队应邀为河南设计了首家肯德基K-music主题餐厅。

LINEWORKS was solicited to design the very first KFC “K-music” themed restaurant in Henan province. “K-music” aims to create a “food + music” new social gather experience, connecting young people through music and dining.


The overall interior design that LINEWORKS put in this KFC is vintage English industrial style. It used red bricks, iron net, corrugated boards and metal staircases, frequented large pieces of glass curtains, walls and ceilings, with customized neon lightings coloured in graffiti patterns, carrying a trendy and vibrant character. As part of the design introduced in the K-music is an airy performing stage in the centre part of the restaurant, with an open seating setup, to enhance its social mingling persona. The seating tables and chairs can be easily rearranged based on different types of event and attendee number, all to deliver a free, open, encouraging social exchange atmosphere.


Thrashing with pop music, as an in-fashion hangout place, music symbols are accessorized in the dining space across two floors. Giant 3D earphone hanging aside, joined by top brand touch-screen multi-media jukeboxes, the space pours out smashing rhythms. Yet the dark tone furniture yields a gracefulness at the same time. Such contrast, enhanced by the rough red bricks and striking red iron net, fully decks out K-music theme. A custom made gramophone carves out a corner bar area. Vinyl record shaped lightings bring out a tempting dining environment on both food and music.


With an in-depth understanding of KFC brand name in pop culture, the design emphasized on music yet fully rides on its brand image, leveraging its unique brand value. Young diners can easily connect with one other through love of music, finding new friends while having food and enjoying music, some of who might also appreciate the service commitment delivered in the fine details from KFC as well as LINEWORKS.


COMPLETED: 2019 December


LOCATION: Zhengzhou

SIZE: 350 sqm

TEAM: Mike Chen,Ciya Qin,Lucky Lu