Jing An No.1 Central Primary School



Jingan No.1 Central Primary School was founded by the great educator, Chen He Qin, in 1930. It has been the birth place and partitioning site for his notion of “live education”. It is also one of the first model primary schools in Shanghai,being a pioneer throughout the years of education transformation. The school has been awarded for its excellence in a variety of extra curriculum, including Chinese language, art, Chinese board game Go, robots study, and sports. The Mini-Citizen Building in the campus is the home site for these specialty education. One of our design works, a new fangled learning centre, took a place in this building.


Under the LINEWORKS crafty design work, two separate classrooms at different floors were brought together, integrated into a single educational space yet with utilization disparity. The intention is to motivate the self-learning, and encourage the personal pursuit from the learners. Such state-of-the-art setup would also make the students feel proud of being part of the school, with a sense of belonging.


Employing both space over lapping and separating techniques, we put in Lecturing Zone, Sharing Zone and Practice Zone in this learning centre, aiming at attracting students’visit and unlocking their potentials after usual school works. We have organically grown the organized classroom education and the unconventional after-school learning together, not only reiterated but also extended the unique experience of the Mini-Citizen Building, making the learning full of fun and versatility. 


COMPLETED:2014 September

CLIENT:Jingan No.1 Central Primary School


SIZE:500 sqm

TEAM:Mike Chen,Lucky Lu