Jin Cai Middle School International Branch



Shanghai Jincai Middle School is founded on full donation by Ye Family from Taiwan. The school has both Domestic and International streams. The International Stream have over 300 students coming from 30+ different countries. It has distinctive school culture, where the students not only can access rich learning resources, but also can enjoy learning through a variety of extra curriculums.


Jincai’s International Steam had always intended to turn a three vacant classrooms into a contemporary, student-led learning & reading room, for lunch breaks and after school self-reading and learning activities. But before they found LINEWORKS, they did not know where to start on breaking the conventional teacher/lecture-students/listen arrangement to inspire uncompelled knowledge pursuit. Knowing this, we endeavored, in both style and functionality, to blend in the contemporary free-flow office space to the conventional reading room space. It was the anchor point of this school project. 


Custom made long couches scattered along the windows, bookshelves in original wood deco against the walls, and the colorful soft carpeting, these engaging elements denote a distance from the routine textbook learning activity, a hiding place from the usual drag of a school, as if a get away to a surreal world beyond reality. Such ambience aimed to create a relaxed environment to increase students learning productivity, all the while to enjoy the after-school leisure moments. 


COMPLETED:2014 September

CLIENT:Jincai Middle School International Branch

LOCATION: Shanghai

SIZE:500 sqm

TEAM:Mike Chen,Lucky Lu