佛海佛瑞 · 二期


In 2017, LINEWORKS took up an office space design project from F&F, a brand new office location by North Bund riverside. This is a third time collaboration in recent years between the two design firms that operate in different areas of design business. It shows there cognition and confidence from F&F in LINEWORKS’ space construction, design ability and styling panache.


F&F new office occupies the penthouse of Xinhua Insurance Plaza at North Bund. The office space has an extra high ceiling of 5.8 meters, with a panorama view of the Bund, right across the Pudong Lujiazui financial center. How to maxim leverage the vista or minimize the obscure of it while fitting the F&F office configuration into the space becomes the key discussion point of the requirement gathering.   


Through multiple rounds of communication with F&F, LINEWORKS decided to only close the space for 3 meeting rooms, while keeping a number of semi-closed spaces for various functionality, in an overall open office space. This allows the infinite natural lighting shine through the office, carrying along the cosmopolitan through the sheer window, perfectly merged the Far East Modern city into the F&F creativity design workshop.


The design is featured with neat and emphasized lines in the space, in a minimalism outlook to produce the futuristic style, brought by the modern office technology. We innovatively reconfigured the electric and building pipeline routes, exposed the building’ s original cement ceiling texture and structure, topped with straight LED strip lightings to produce a science-fiction like space settings. The contrast between the existing warm wood-color office furniture and the cool gray flooring lends an accessible touch of an otherwise grandiose office space.  


Without toiling technique, this is a space design remove of the theatrics of design work, out of much brainstormed collaboration from LINEWORKS, F&F and the construction partner.


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COMPLETED:2017 December

CLIENT:Fred& Farid Group


SIZE:1200 sqm

TEAM:Mike Chen,Lucky Lu,James Shu