LINEWORKS newly completed the office design for Feelux Lighting Shanghai Office renovation project. A renowned Korean lighting product & solution provider and a listed company, Feelux is a lead player in research and innovation in lighting industry, with a number of global patent technologies. It has been No.1 choice for products from corporate like Hyundai, Samsung and LG.   

碧陆斯上海的办公空间集办公,展示,体验等多功能于一体,丰富灵活,既为其最新产品的陈列展示及测试体验提供了舒适开放的环境,又满足了其办公及咖啡休闲的空间需求。在挑空的接待台大厅里,除了醒目的液晶矩阵背景屏之外,大面积的绿植墙让整块区域显得自然而友好。与此同时,在一楼还布局了多个不同功能的会议,发布及体验区域,用来展示FEELUX的各式产品,为到访者提供了一个舒适的体验区和休息区. 合理的功能规划使得整个一楼空间可以在任何时间自由即兴的转变成为小型的派对场所。

Feelux wanted its new Shanghai Office to be multi-functional, a workplace as well as a product showroom. It would not only facilitate staff working, taking breaks, but also provide an exhibition space and an open yet relaxed environment for products demonstration. Based on this, the design started off at the loft reception area–besides the dazzling multiple flat screen displays, a wall of lavish green plants bring people into a natural and friendly surrounding. On the ground floor, a number of different function rooms are dedicated to meetings, press release and products tryout. Visitors are being put at ease during waiting, breakouts or viewing products. LINEWORKS cunning design also allows the entire first floor turn into a party setting in a blink of eyes.


Two-story space is connected by an angled staircase.The railing employs a signature product from Feelux, taking the opportunity to advertise its strong suit in innovation. Recycled wood plates are infused with Feelux strip lights. The strong contrast brings out a striking visual effect. A circular chandelier is complimented by the open gray ceiling, where the exposed complex-looking plumbing tubes imbued with an industry atmosphere. All the while, the greens infuse a vitality into the space. 


LINKWORKS successfully married the industry esthetics and Sino-Korea fusion culture in the Feelux office space design.


COMPLETED:2017 August



SIZE:600 sqm

TEAM:Mike Chen,Lucky Lu