East China Model High School



East China Model High School is one of the first few education institutes that approached LINEWWORKS for professional design work in innovative classrooms. With 60+ years of proven record on practicing the school’s motto “Blaze New Trails, Cross New Frontiers”,the school found themselves constrained by the limited space in adopting the“small class”, “personalized learning” contemporary methodologies. Albeit the difficulty, East China Model High School commissioned 2 classrooms for personalized education trials. Our mission is to create the suitable learning space and environment that is fit for purpose.


To create a free, open and relaxed learning environment, we tore away the original mineral wool board ceiling, replaced with the white grille ceiling over the bright ocean blue color. Together with the yellow blue patterned carpet floor, it decks out the refreshing innovative spirit. The entire space is separated into a few different functional areas by the clear glass curtain walls. All decoration materials are both human and environmental friendly. The reassembly-able desks and chairs, and easily accessible white boards facilitate the innovative teaching learning model. 


COMPLETED:2012 September

CLIENT:East China Model High School


SIZE:200 sqm

TEAM:Mike Chen,Lucky Lu